Hello and welcome to SEE Media! We are a dynamic team of dedicated and experienced professionals who specialize in creating visually stunning and impactful video, photography, social media content, and marketing materials for businesses of all sizes. Over the last several years, we have built a reputation of providing high quality work across Canada, parts of the United States, and beyond, honing our skills and staying at the forefront of the industry. 

At SEE Media, we don’t just talk about the power of storytelling in marketing—we live and breathe it. As a media company, we focus on bringing your story to life through the medium of film and photography, ensuring that your message reaches its intended audience and makes a lasting impact.

Thank you for considering SEE Media for your video and photography needs. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional results. We are excited to work with you and help bring your story to life!


Meet Jordan, owner, visionary, and creative force behind SEE Media. Jordan is a skilled videographer, photographer, and passionate storyteller with a unique talent for capturing special moments as they happen.

With years of experience in the media industry, Jordan has worked with nonprofits and small businesses across Canada (and internationally). As a multilingual expert known for his ability to create visually stunning and impactful content, Jordan has proven that he has what it  takes to engage and inspire audiences.

His success comes from the fact that at the core of his work is a passion for storytelling. He believes that by capturing and sharing the unique essence of a business or project, he can create visual content that truly resonates. Whether he is creating a promotional video, taking stunning photographs, or live streaming an event, Jordan is committed to delivering exceptional results for his clients every single time.


Meet Rachel, SEE Media’s marketing expert. With several years experience working with the marketing teams at Anchor Media, Trinity Western University, and Quest University—the latter as Executive Director of Marketing and Communications—Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Rachel is known for her strategic and creative approach to marketing, her keen eye for detail, and her ability to develop and implement successful campaigns that engage audiences. She is a skilled communicator and a natural leader, with a passion for helping businesses and organizations achieve their marketing goals.

At SEE Media, Rachel works alongside her husband Jordan to create visually stunning and impactful video and photography content that tells the unique story of a business or project. Together, they have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results for their clients.


Meet Josh, the social media expert at SEE Media. Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the area of social media marketing, having held internships and roles at organizations such as Victoria Highlanders FC and Pacific FC, where he has developed his professional skills in digital media, team interaction, and creative design. He has also worked as a Community Manager and Social Media Manager for Fanatiz, where he developed and implemented a successful digital strategy and built a long-lasting virtual community worldwide through various social media channels.

In his current role as a Content Analyst for the leading global Latin American soccer streaming service, Fanatiz, Josh works on the distribution of content from the streaming website to current, and potential subscribers worldwide. He is driven, enthusiastic, and always looking to maintain his professional skills and continue in his role of leadership and responsibility.

Bentley & Bruce

Meet Bentley and Bruce. Although they are dogs and may not have a lot of experience behind the camera, they more than make up for it with their enthusiasm and love for the spotlight.

These two are known for their ability to bring joy and laughter to any project, and they have a natural talent for posing and making everyone's day brighter. Whether they are stealing the spotlight at a product shoot, or just hanging out on set, Bentley and Bruce always manage to make everyone’s day a little brighter.